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Tree Removal Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a quote?

Simply call us on 0428742947 and we’ll arrange a time that suits. We will arrive on time and check out the proposed work and give you either a written or emailed quotation.

How do I book in a job?

Call our team on 0428742947 and we will arrange a time to book in the job. Most jobs are completed on the same day and the site is always left neat and tidy.

What is the job process?

The customer is contacted and met on site. The job is looked over and a plan is put in place with the arborist. The arborist and land owner/contact are happy and the work commences. The site is left neat and tidy and the arborist site contact meets with the land owner/contact to discuss payment.

Do I need council permission to remove or trim trees?

Trees on nature strips require council approval to remove. Trees on private land require council approval and the info can be found at your local council website under tree protection. If a tree requires council approval we can submit an application and/or arborist report to seek approval. Call the arborist on 0248742947.

Do I have to remove a tree?

Always try to consider trimming of trees first. In most cases, trees can be pruned to get the desired solution. Most trees are trimmed back from neighbors housing, swimming pools, overhanging sheds or houses/buildings, roadsides, power lines. The trees are pruned to the Australian standard “Pruning of Amenity Trees” AS4373-2007. This ensures the ongoing survival and health of the tree. Treez Tree Service takes care of trees by spike less climbing methods, adding pulleys to lower large and heavy branches which prevent damage to branches and trunk wood.

How do we remove or trim trees?

The tree job is carefully looked at by the arborist and a plan is put in place to remove the tree in the best possible outcome for the surrounding environment. There are many variables which are present on every site. These are taken into consideration and discussed with the customer. Before any work takes place the customer must be happy with our worksite plan. There are different methods to remove or trim trees that we are trained and professional at. We have access to many different sized EWP (cherry pickers), arborists (climbing crews), tree felling skills, pole saws, ladders. There are so many options available and we can tailor make a solution for you.

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